About Us


Every good sound has a story

Sounds Good was born in Atlanta, GA in 2015. Founders Evan Flory and Matt Schultz came together with the vision to create a one-stop shop for sound that unified production sound and post sound under one roof. They had become friends years before, while pursuing their degrees in Sound Design from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Working on personal and school projects together, they soon recognized their potential to be an incredible team.

The rest, as they say, is history.

At Sounds Good, we strive for true collaboration and deeper relationships with clients. We see ourselves as fellow story-tellers, not just another technical department. Our mission is to make your life easier by supporting your whole creative process from a sound perspective, while still delivering pristine audio quality.

From feature films and video games to corporate videos and live events, we do all things sound. Script-to-screen, no matter the medium.

Meet the Team

Evan Flory
Founder // Technical Director
Matt Schultz
Founder // Creative Director
David Spence
Audio Engineer
Devin Lawrence
Sound Designer
Jake Leadbetter
Production Sound Mixer
Joey Spinelli
Production Sound Mixer


We prefer repeat business. We have regular clients in live broadcast, reality TV, news and talk, travel and lifestyle, narrative film, and corporate communications. Here’s what they have to say about working with us…


“We call Evan for everything! We haven’t had to worry about audio for a long time. The entire team at Sounds Good fits right in with all our clients.”

Joy Brown
Executive Vice President, ASV Productions

“We love working with all of the goons from Sounds Good! Not only does our show sound better than it ever has, we have a little more fun when they’re around.”

Anni Baccus
Head of Production at Eclipse Creative

“REMEDY has worked with Matt and his team at Sounds Good for several years now. A great video is half visual and half audible. Without great audio we can’t deliver for our clients. Thanks for helping capture such a powerful part of our productions.”

Jamie Graff
Owner of Remedy Films

“Sounds Good delivers high quality broadcast mixes for our show on a daily basis. We have a tight turn around for post production and they never let us down.”

Chivon Ferguson
Post Production Supervisor at Dish Nation

“Matt and the Sounds Good team are true creative collaborators. They are game to experiment with sound to really compliment the visuals that I bring to them!”

Joe Badon