Audio Production Services

As a one-stop shop for all your sound needs, Sounds Good offers production and post sound services.

We’ve got the audio engineering expertise to help you build workflows and media pipelines that make your life easier..

We can bring your narrative project to life with immersive sound design, original music composition, and top-tier sound editing. We can help you create, record, and produce high-quality content that aligns with your brand and conveys your message. We can equip, staff, and support your production, whether it’s a one day event, or a recurring show.

Sound design

Sound Design

Explore the power of the soundtrack by adding textures, sculpting scene transitions, and building sounds that have never been heard before.
Sound Design

Mixing & Mastering

Find the ideal balance between dialogue, music, and sound effects to enhance emotion, immersion, and intelligibility.
Mixing Mastering


Elevate your advertisements, video games, or documentaries with professionally engineered voiceovers.
professional audio editing company

ADR & Foley

Enhance realism, fill gaps in your recordings, and recover the human element that is often lost in production.
sonic branding solutions

Sonic Branding

Design the perfect sonic logo or sound palette to make your brand instantly recognizable.
production sound mixer

Production Sound

Ensure your audio is captured in the highest quality and well-organized with our crew of production experts.

Live TV & Events

Capture every detail of your live event or production with a fast, flexible, and discerning audio department.
Music Production

Music Production

Produce your debut album, source music for a creative project, or score your feature film with a myriad of music services.
Mixing Mastering

Corporate AV

Deliver your message loud and clear to employees, customers, and the world, no matter the medium.
Audio consulting

Audio Consulting

Build a rock-solid audio infrastructure for your studio or office and optimize your creative workflow for greater efficiency and efficacy.