ADR & Foley

Audio editing services including ADR & Foley.

It’s not always easy to capture the perfect take on set. Sound recording and audio editing services such as ADR & Foley play a crucial role in enhancing the original sound recordings and perfecting the final output of a film or video. As an Atlanta-based professional audio editing company, we have the operators and facilities to recreate sounds that may have been missed during filming to produce audio that precisely matches actions happening on screen.

ADR & Foley are also critical elements of a film’s music and effects mix. A comprehensive M&E is required for any professional delivery or distribution deal around the world.

Audio design consultants

Watch Matt perform some complicated footwork for two actresses at the same time, for the film Sister Tempest, in our very own Foley room.


The ADR mixer records new dialogue to replace noisy or low quality recordings from set. They select the correct mics, carefully match the aural perspective, and help the director coax the perfect performance from the talent.


The Foley artist works to spot, shoot, and edit the human elements of the soundtrack. Whether it’s footsteps, cloth, or props, they bring out these subtle sounds by re-performing the actions on screen. These elements fill the cracks between the bigger sounds, and are paramount to the authenticity of the world inside a film.