Audio Consulting

Audio Design Consultants

Who connect technical capability with business objectives to solve real-world problems for you.

Our staff of audio consultants have the right blend of technical expertise, operating experience, and business acumen to be your audio ally through any project.. We love helping our clients design rock solid audio infrastructure for studios and offices to optimize creative workflows and corporate communications for greater efficiency and efficacy.

Our team of audio engineers and architects can spec audio equipment and design systems for anything from a conference room or VO booth to a television studio or broadcast flypack. We can help you visualize and understand how technical decisions will affect the way you tell stories or interact with your employees or customers. Make good sound a core part of your business strategy!


“We love working with all of the goons from Sounds Good! Not only does our show sound better than it ever has, we have a little more fun when they’re around.”

Anni Baccus

Head of Production at Eclipse Creative

Audio Systems Architect

As an audio engineering company we keep our ears on the big picture to help you plan and execute your project. The audio systems architect considers each aspect of a production or business objective to employ the right mix of technology, talent, and implementation. They will connect each part of your AV system to the processes and outcomes that matter most.

Audio Engineer

Audio engineering services at Sounds Good are built into everything we do. An audio engineer picks the right tools to get the job done and helps support the operators who work on your projects every day. Our engineers stand behind every project and production we work on, ensuring that you get consistency, quality, and peace of mind.