Live Events & Television

Sounds Good is a full-service audio production company that can support live shows in ballrooms, corporate offices, broadcast studios, or even out in the field.

We will capture every detail of your event or production with a fast, flexible, and discerning audio department. Our staff of sound mixers is supported by our inventory of cutting-edge IP-based audio equipment.

Live television and events pose unique challenges for audio. When every second counts, you need a skilled sound team that’s equipped to handle the pressure without compromising on quality or consistency.. At Sounds Good, we have the equipment, skills, and expertise to ensure a seamless, top-notch audio experience.


Four-time winner of a Southeast Regional Emmy Award in the category of Special Event Coverage.


Audio Director

The Audio Director, or “A1” is a specialized Sound Mixer that acts as an extension of the show’s director. They must keep all the audio elements of a show in balance, while keeping up with the director’s cues, and staying in constant communication with other departments, including their own. The Audio Director must be calm, collected, and incredibly skilled at communication–and hopefully able to crack a good joke every once in a while.

Audio Assistant

The Audio Assistant, or “A2” keeps a production moving. They are the representative of the audio department on set. A good A2 manages microphones and troubleshoots technical issues, but most importantly they keep an eye on the connection points between audio and other departments and keep things running smoothly.

Equipment Rental

Whether you need to build a sound system from the ground up or augment an existing setup, Sounds Good can provide audio equipment for any scenario. From wireless mics to intercom systems, our inventory of top-tier gear is always growing.