Mixing & Mastering

Audio Mixing Services where technical skill meets creative decision-making.

Once all the elements of the soundtrack have come together, the mixer blends them like a painter.

Mixing and mastering gives you the ideal balance between dialogue, music, and sound effects to enhance emotion, immersion, and intelligibility. This is an essential part of creating movies, music, video games, and other media that sound good. Our team of sound mixers and mastering engineers will ensure every detail is heard.

purplish closeup of 4 faders

“Sounds Good delivers high quality broadcast mixes for our show on a daily basis. We have a tight turn around for post production and they never let us down.”

Chivon Ferguson

Supervising Post Producer

Sound Mixer


Our sound mixing services are all about making sure every sound is heard. The Sound Mixer works closely with every department to make the right stylistic choices and execute the creative vision. They have the skills to overcome any technical challenge and deliver a polished mix whether it’s on the fly, out in the field, down in the studio, or up on stage.

Mastering Engineer


Having the right deliverables can be the difference between success and failure.  The Mastering Engineer meticulously analyzes, checks, and optimizes the finished product for broadcast, streaming, live playback, theatrical release, or wherever it will be heard. Quality mastering is critical for a professional sound editing company.