Music Production

Sounds Good is a holistic audio production company, which means music runs through our veins.

Music is the language of emotion. As music producers, we speak this language fluently and know how to get it into your project. Whether you need help producing a record, sourcing music for creative projects, or composing original scores, our music production services can bring your vision to life.

One of the most exciting ways to experience music is live. In the modern world there are endless possibilities for live experiences, and our team of sound mixers and recording engineers excels at putting on a great show, whether it’s on stage or over the airwaves.

Music Production

Watch a live performance of Gringo Star, recorded and mixed by Sounds Good at GPB Studios for the Peach Jam Podcast.


Working with a composer is like translating ideas and images directly into sound. The composer has the unique ability to articulate complex thoughts with the voices of many instruments, both familiar and fantastic. They harness the power of melody and rhythm to build arrangements that connect sound and picture. Their work can add tremendous depth to anything from a short ad to a feature film.

Music Producer

A music producer can support you in the process of putting on a live event, working with a composer, finding, editing, and licensing music from libraries, or recording your own songs. They have a sharp ear for style and energy, and a knack for keeping the inspiration flowing by putting the right people and tools together in the same place.

Equipment Rental

Whether you need to build a sound system from the ground up or augment an existing setup, Sounds Good can provide audio equipment for any scenario. From wireless mics to intercom systems, our inventory of top-tier gear is always growing.