Production Sound

Production Sound Mixers can make or break your project.

At Sounds Good we offer production sound mixing as a critical part of our comprehensive range of audio production services. Working with us on set means that every decision we make is backed by our expertise in audio engineering and post production.

As a full-service audio production company, we have a staff of professional sound mixers, and all the right equipment to capture pristine audio in any environment.  We can find just the right skillset or personality for your job, whether it’s on location, in a studio, or out in the field.  After a while, you might find that you have a favorite Sound Goon that you don’t ever want to shoot without.

production sound mixer

“We love working with all of the goons from Sounds Good! Not only does our show sound better than it ever has, we have a little more fun when they’re around.”

Anni Baccus

Head of Production at Eclipse Creative

Production Sound Mixer

The Production Sound Mixer is responsible for what gets recorded, how it’s organized, and the quality of the audio. They also manage what the crew can hear during each take (and in-between) to make sure the director gets the full experience. The job may be done when production is over, but the recordings created by the production mixer are the foundation of the final soundtrack.

Equipment Rental

With multiple matching custom-built field audio equipment packages that have been honed by our team of production sound mixers, Sounds Good can provide gear for any scenario. From wireless mics to intercom systems, our inventory of top-tier gear is always growing.