Sound Design

Sound Design services for every medium.

As a sound design company, based in Atlanta, our primary responsibility is to use our extensive knowledge of various recording techniques and equipment to capture your desired audio quality. Sound design explores the creative power of the soundtrack by crafting non-diegetic elements, sculpting scene transitions, and building sounds that have never been heard before! This art of sound will enhance the emotional impact of even the simplest scenes and bring your story to life.
Our sound design services will captivate your audiences and keep them on the edge of their seats.. We can create any sound you dream of and layer it seamlessly with the other elements of your soundtrack. Great sound design starts with a cohesive plan for audio from the very beginning. We’ll develop a sonic palette and tone of your production in perfect harmony with picture editorial. Let us be your guides to the storytelling possibilities of sound.
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“Matt and the Sounds Good team are true creative collaborators. They are game to experiment with sound to really compliment the visuals that I bring to them!”

Joe Badon




The sound designer is skilled at translating your ideas to the speakers and the world at large. They are experts in sound editing, sound mixing, and creative collaboration. Sound designers work meticulously to plan each aspect of the soundtrack and manipulate the audio to realize your vision

Audio Editor


The audio editor must decide which parts of the recordings to keep, cover up, remove, clean up or layer with other sounds to make your soundtrack feel natural and engage your audience. Their work is done best when it’s never noticed. Audio editing services are built into everything we do at Sounds Good, meaning that any decision we make on set is backed up by our expertise in post.