Voiceover Services

Professional voiceover recording with a suite of audio editing services.

Voiceover is a critical building block in advertising, video games, and documentaries. Recording your voiceover in an acoustically-controlled room with the right engineer and equipment will make a profound difference.

We understand the importance of capturing your voiceover in a space that is free of distracting background noise, interruptions, and reverberation. Our engineers are also skilled audio editors who will pick the best takes and edit them together to create smooth timing and a perfect, yet natural performance.


Volition Studio is our partner for VO recording. Their custom-lifted isolated VO booth comes with a selection of quality mics and preamps in a comfortable, professional environment.

Recording Engineer

The recording engineer carefully selects the perfect mic for each unique voice to capture the perfect tone. They take detailed notes and have a deep understanding of what it takes to achieve the ideal performance.

Audio Editor

The audio editor must decide which parts of the recordings to keep, cover up, remove, clean up or layer with other sounds to make your soundtrack feel natural and engage your audience. Their work is done best when it’s never noticed. Audio editing services are built into everything we do at Sounds Good, meaning that any decision we make on set is backed up by our expertise in post.